McLean Concrete specializes in a number of residential concrete projects. From ground-up custom home building to tearing out and replacing old concrete at a residential home, we do it all. Our residential construction jobs are some of our favorite jobs because we’re contributing to the overall foundation of our clients’ homes. Each property and project has its own unique challenges and needs. Luckily, the team at McLean Concrete specializes in concrete projects for both residential and custom home properties. We use expert techniques and strategies to deliver exceptional results. 

Some of our past residential projects include:

Garage floors
Tear out and replace existing concrete
Pronghorn concrete pour

Pronghorn Resort - Bend, OR

For Pronghorn Resort, located east of Bend, we added the colored concrete pathways around the golf course.
Black Butte residential concrete pour

The Drake House - Bend, OR

This custom foundation project included a tall wall basement and garage slab, providing a functional base for a one-of-a-kind floor plan.

Black Butte Ranch concrete pour

Custom Home Residence - Bend, OR

This custom home is being built with only the best in mind. Multi levels, massive board formed concrete walls, polished floors, stamped patios and fire pits.

Still have questions about your concrete construction project? McLean Concrete is here to fill in the gaps.

What are some of the advantages of concrete driveways?

A: There are many advantages to having a concrete driveway. On a practical level, they’re longer-lasting and have higher load-bearing capabilities than asphalt. Plus, we think they look better. In the summer months, concrete is also less reactive to heat than asphalt, keeping your driveway cooler and your bare feet happy.

How do chemicals in ice melt damage concrete?

A: While concrete is less susceptible to frost heaves than asphalt, there are other cold-weather hazards to your concrete’s health. For example, the sodium chloride in many ice melts can potentially damage the surface, leaving small holes and signs of deterioration. McLean Concrete highly recommends you avoid using ice melt on top of your concrete finishes.

What kind of projects can I do with concrete?

A: Concrete is an extremely versatile product that can be used for everything from building the foundation of your home to making that dream patio a reality. For a more comprehensive list of examples, check out our commercial and residential service pages.

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